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Moral Code of Conduct

Moral Code of Bushido Reiryoku Kan written by Sensei Akamine

Good health is essential to accomplish and perfect oneself.

One must constantly strive to reach a high spiritual and cultural level.

One must constantly train and put into practice what one has learned through the teachers (Karate teaches the way to control selfish desires, negative emotions, false pretences, and most of all the control of the ego).

One must protect oneself from sickness, from your enemies, and from all negative influences. In general from all that can affect your physical and moral integrity.

One must be a good citizen and abide by the laws of the country.


One must love and respect his/her parents

One must love and respect their family, creating a happy

environment to live in.

One must, as a parent be responsible for the wellbeing of their children, and bring them up with moral values, integrity and promote their education.


One must try to evolve through studies and their application

because knowledge is power.

One must try to develop and cultivate the intellect, through learning.

One must try to acquire knowledge in all related martial arts subjects, subjects of personal interest, and education /profession.


One must have good friends and know how to choose them.

One must respect, and care for those you have chosen to be your friends.

One must try to help those who have strayed, and guide them onto the right path.


Always act intelligently.

One must have good feelings/intentions.

One must have a good record.

One must have an ideology and goals in life, and follow a good path.

One must respect and meet your responsibilities with others.


One must be polite.

One must have love and respect for their teachers

One must strive to evolve through the way of the warrior

By Sensei Roberto Fernandez de la Reguera (Translated By Sensei Christian Tapia)

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