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EVERYONE is Born a Martial Artist. Bring Out Your Inner Martial Artist with Bushido Reiryoku Kan Martial Arts

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At Bushido Reiryoku Kan, we teach more than self-defence skills. We teach:

  • A love of a traditional martial art
  • Respect and perseverance
  • A whole mind, body and spirit lifestyle that will see you through your entire martial arts journey and beyond
  • A sense of confidence and self-worth
  • How to embrace your inner martial artist and bring it out for the world to see

Classes are taken by highly qualified and experienced instructors who know exactly what to do to help reach each individual student goals.

Each class is:

  • Dynamic and fun so adults will leave feeling happy and accomplished
  • Cardio, strength and skill based giving you a whole body workout
  • Taught with real life situations in mind so you can defend yourself correctly
  • Tailored to your own specific needs and goals be that weight loss or fitness
  • Suitable for all body types, levels and abilities - we’re all here to learn and support each other
  • Designed to improve your strength, fitness and flexibility - you’ll do things you never thought possible
  • Aimed to re-focus energy in a positive manner
  • The perfect place to unwind and focus!

Claim your FREE Uniform valued at $60 Now

Don’t Miss Out On Our Limited time offer & Start Your Martial Arts Journey Today

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There are no limits to learning something new.

Everyone is equal in our club and are all there for the same purpose which is self development. We are not in the business of creating fighters or nurture an aggressive personality type. Our dojo is a safe place where you will flourish.

There is no obligation, we waive the joining fee and give you one month's training for free because we know you’ll love it.

If after three months of training you don’t notice a change either physically or mentally, we’ll give you your money back…GUARANTEED!

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Don’t Miss Out On Our Limited time offer & Start Your Martial Arts Journey Today


 Norma Robinson 

  Black Belt 4th Dan 

After learning Tai Chi, I was looking for something else and on seeing an advertisement in my local paper I went to my first karate lesson. I knew then that that was what I wanted to do.

Karate is not just about how hard you can punch or how high you can kick it has a beautiful spiritual side to it as well. It’s about learning about your inner self to develop and grow into a better person in life.

With Sensei Christian, to lead you on this wonderful journey, I am still training after 30+ years.

 Tony Hollmann

 Blue Belt 

I have been part of Bushido Reiryoku Kan Karate Do for over 6 years, I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed those 6 years and have looked forwards to attending Karate each week. The instructors are very dedicated to our learning and push us to do our best. Karate is definitely something I can recommend!

 Paul Preston

Black Belt 4th Dan

I started training Karate with Sensei Christian 28 years ago, mainly to learn how to defend myself and to gain confidence, but through Sensei Christian’s teachings and guidance I have found a way of life.
I was lucky to find a Sensei that could teach me not only self-defence and a traditional martial arts system, but I found myself learning personal development, perseverance, discipline and character building.

Sensei Christian has been a great mentor, teacher and friend always inspiring me to have a greater understanding of myself to achieve my true potential in all aspect of my life.

 Ann Connell

Black Belt 3rd Dan

Sometimes there is a decision that you make that can enhance your entire life, for me it was karate. Finding the right Sensei was the key.
I have been training with Sensei Christian for 23 years and his teachings have given me Self Confidence, Body Fitness and Inner Strength.

Qualities that can be used in all avenues of life whether you be young or not so young.

Dave Longhurst

Black Belt 3rd Dan

I discovered karate at a difficult time in my life. Even though I was at first nervous and apprehensive I was welcomed into the club.
Through hard work and proper guidance I was able to quickly improve and gain confidence in myself. Before long I realised that there was more to the martial arts than just the physical side.

I was also learning to balance my mental and spiritual faculties. I have developed from a turbulent individual to a well-balanced and successful person.

I owe this to the Bushido Reiryoku Kan Karate Club and the guidance and teaching of Sensei Christian Tapia.

 Dion Casey

Black Belt 3rd Dan

I started martial arts over 30 years ago and found my home with Bushido Reiryoku Kan karate . It’s been 20 years of fun sweat and cheers . Great teacher, great students, just leave your ego at the door .
Thanks Sensei Christian and my fellow students for an awesome journey thus far.


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